Wedding is getting closer? Few tips of getting started

It is always pleasant and romantic to see couples getting together and moving further to the level of “being engaged” that leads to a new family. It is so touching to see all the different and romantic engagements on “YouTube” and other social networks. And especially it is really pleasant when this day reaches you and everybody around sais ‘so romantic’ exactly about your special day.

However, when all the butterflies in a stomach calm down and head stops spinning, there is another huge period waiting for you – preparation and planning your own wedding day.

So, the hardest part of all fun – the beginning.
  • Just…calm down! And always remember, that this day is about your and your happiness!
  • Make a list of your dream wedding: everything you always wanted and thought of. Everything you imagined on your special day: starting with a place and ending with earrings, theme, colors, songs…. It will help you to make a picture of your day and to bring some clarity.
  • It might be your future husband had some plans too. Well, all you need to do – just to discuss about that and make a list of his plans and wishes.
  • You would need to make some sad stuff: like crossing out some of wishes….it might be too much. Usually, it is easier after putting some price tags... :)
  • And now once again…..calm down! Always remember – this day is your day. No one else can decide for you or ruin it. It is all about you.
  • Sometimes it is easier to decide by starting with a dress. After finding it and looking at yourself in a mirror… whispering quietly “this is the one…” the rest of the picture will pop-up. Remember, all you need to do – is just be happy.
  • Do not do anything under stress. Make one big job (like choosing the place for your perfect wedding) and then a pleasant one: think of theme, jewellery or shoes. :) There are never too much of these ladies friends! And after getting back into “being happy” mood you can make a big job again.
  • Do not forget you are alone: there are always girlfriends helping you to breath, think of colours and helping with decisions when you feel lost.
  • Do not hide inside of your own romance bubble. There are two people getting married. We are not saying to discuss each and every point with your Man. However, at least you should inform him of the process going on. It is his day, too :) .
  • Do not do anything you feel uncomfortable with. By saying not to close in your own bubble, we are not saying to accept each and every offer and suggestions. Remember: you are the one who is getting married there!
Basically, all we wanted to say – just…..calm down :) . Stress is not going to help you. Especially, stress is not going to make your day happy.

It is all about you. And your moment! 


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