Unique Designs for Wedding Jewelry

Every young girl dreams about how beautiful her wedding will be, and one thing they all have in common is that they want some unique designs for wedding jewelry that fits their personality and the style of the wedding.  Whether the bride wants a vintage style or a romantic fashion, delicately designed or wildly extravagant, the designers are able to work with the bride to design those wedding pieces that reflect her exceptional style and personality.

Let’s take a look at the more vintage styles of wedding jewelry.  The vintage styles typically feature multiple strands of pearls combined with swirls and flowers of gold and silver that are enhanced with some of the most beautiful Swarovski crystals.  They have that old-world style that states elegance and style in the flair of beauty and tasteful designs.  The flowers are often designed to match the predominant flower in the bridal bouquet and adds that beautiful sparkle and elegance to her wrist and neckline.

The more romantic styles of these unique designs feature the Swarovski crystals designed into a beautiful rose that adorns the wrist along with the delicate rose and pearl designs of the necklace and matching earrings.  The length is adjustable so that they lay at the perfect length for the neckline of the bride’s gown.  Some of these designs feature freshwater pearls crocheted in a beautiful wrapping and enhanced with the Swarovski crystals.  Since they all come in different sizes, the pieces are beautifully tapered and romantic; in addition, because each one is handmade they are unique in every respect.

For the bride who wants the more delicate designs, there are some very charming combinations that feature the Swarovski pearls and crystals in stunning designs that feature the crocheted silver or gold threads tying these beautiful designs together from the wrists to the neckline to the ears.  Generally these have one or two strands of pearls that are uniquely and carefully interwoven with the crystals to create some subtle designs that will never be duplicated or seen anywhere else.  The flexible silver and gold wires in the crocheted designs add that whimsical delicate look to the pieces.

Then there’s the wildly extravagant bride who wants the most robust designs that are large and flashy and just screams individuality and personality.  These designs feature the larger sized pearls in multiple strands that have the larger Swarovski crystals woven into the piece that are flamboyant and add just the right amount of sparkle into the wedding jewelry.  When the bride is vivacious and outgoing, the wedding jewelry must reflect her great style and presence; no small dainty piece of jewelry is going to create that special look for these special brides.

It doesn’t matter what type of personality the bride has, because her unique style will be reflected in her jewelry.  There are many styles that these wonderful handmade pieces can be made from in order to create that unique designs for wedding jewelry in the individual pieces that are the perfect reflection of the bride’s own unique style.

I hope it will help you and you will find your dream jewelry!

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Exquisite Victorian style bridal pearl necklaces

All we want to be a queen! Look like a queen, feel like a queen... I believe on our weddings - we are QUEENS...

These exquisite Victorian style wedding necklaces is handmade with Swarovski pearls, thousands of gold tone metal vintage style elements and clear white crystals. Its my new collection. But I am in love :) 

Victorian style pearl necklace highlights your neckline, so it looks royal and very elegant, stylish. Clear crystals reflect light, so you will look amazing in the photos and on the dance floor.

Victorian style wedding accessory will add retro glamour to your special occasion.

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2013 year of perfect wedding - 10% OFF Your first order!!!

Getting engaged can be one of the most memorable and exciting moments in your life. Then starts the most responsible moment - to plan your perfect wedding! There is lots of work to do... Just remember this is a  celebration of love, so enjoy it every step of the way!

One small, but important step is to choose your perfect wedding jewelry! I hope in my blog you will find some tips how to make it easier. Please read articles how to choose your earrings, bracelets and etc. Sometimes accessories are the main accent of appearance. 
I put a lot of love in my handicrafts and hope that it will be someones dream jewelry and you will be the most beautiful bride! 

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Examples for imagination:

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How Good Are Swarovski Crystal Bracelets For Your Wedding Day?

Dazzling cuts, superior designs and advanced technology! What more does one want?

There are countless Bridal Jewellery options when one sets out for the final quest of making a choice for the BIG DAY.  It is a known fact that with the amazing technological advancements, the consumers can now order ready made sets or even get a custom made design as per desire. As every wedding is different and each client comes up with a diversified thought, the designers make sure to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, the aim remains stagnant every time; that is, helping the brides receive the perfect Wedding Day Jewellery.

The Wedding Day Jewellery is not restricted to the necklaces, headbands and rings only. In fact it’s a set of amazingly absolute pieces which are put together to present the Bride in a splendid manner. As awesome as it sounds, designers aim at putting all their efforts to delight the Brides in the perfect way. Meaning, every piece that is designed holds special significance and is equally well treated for the big occasion.  The very much celebrated Swarovski Crystal Bracelets in this regard are famous for their cuts and designs which employ advanced technological features. They are attributed to extraordinary qualities, best suited for embellishing the Bridal Jewellery sets.

Swarovski bracelets are available in a wide range and depict multi-styles as well. The wonderful crystals used in the bracelets give a unique finishing touch to the wedding jewellery. Also, the colours in the bracelets can be coordinated with the wedding theme and add more fervour to the very occasion. They tend to be prefect not only for the bride, but are a proven gift for the bridesmaid as well. The designs range from being very dramatic to the classic ones and cater to nearly all kinds and ages. Whereas the option to affix rhinestones and pearls insert even more detail to the bracelets. The manufacturers take pride in handcrafting the crystals used for creating these unique pieces which make them even special.

What is more, the shine and sparkle of Swarovski bracelets happens to perfectly compliment the Brides Dress and the occasion as a whole. If the clients desire to possess matching necklace or earrings in order to continue the theme, they can order it before time and get exactly what is hunted. Again, the bracelets are worked out in a way to fit the desired wrist size; the extenders, which come with the bracelets, allow such alterations. At the same time, crystals used for making the Swarovski bracelets come in various shapes, namely; romantic teardrops, modern cubes and whimsical butterflies. These shapes are uniquely designed to give an exquisite look to the bride and the bridesmaid.

Last but not the least, whilst Swarovski bracelets are well matched for weddings, they can be worn everyday with a slight replacement, for projecting different moods and personality traits. Not even a slight waste of money if bought for a wedding; due to their long time usage. These can be used with a completely changed appearance and add elegance to partner accessories too. Precisely, a display of splendour and beauty in one!
Here some examples: 

I hope that it will help you and you will find your dream jewelry! 

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