Royal crystal and feather fascinator or perfect Vintage style wedding accessory

After long family vacation finally back to create. Inspired by vintage photos I started my new Royal bridal collection. So my first work - hair clip with amazing crystal details and white feather! The delicate vintage design is made with thousands of white feathers and accented with sparkling rhinestones, brilliant crystals.  It’s a beautiful addition to your classic or modern wedding. Vintage style wedding accessory will add retro glamour to your special day…

If you are looking something special you can find thousands of beautiful handmade wedding pieces, antiques or high fashion wedding pieces. Just you need to love it. You will see and you will understand that it’s your dream jewelry! So Good Luck for looking and finding Jour dream jewelry:)

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Celebrate Your Dream Wedding With Refreshing Bridal Jewellery Ideas

Enrich it with an Essence of Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces
Truthfully, everyone DOES make a beautiful picture of how he would put things together for the big day in his life! Though this remains to be a vague image for quite a while, several ideas seem to jumble up when it comes to decision-making. The experts in the field, for this very reason, have been working hard to meet the client needs. While there is a variety to choose within, considering the gowns, the jewellery, the makeup, the presentation, etc, the ones proficient in the field line-up a range of ideas for the consumers to come up with a conclusion. Although every minor illustration holds immense significance on the weddings, the bridal jewellery must be selected in a way that compliments the bride’s attire.
Notice that, while a majority prefers purchasing ready made Bridal Jewellery from the stores for a million other reasons except just saving time, a couple go for custom made set designs. As the designs for the sets vary, so do the gems and cuts. There are all types stretching from diamonds, gold, silver and crystal etc. Surveys also reveal that Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces; in context to Bridal Jewellery Ideas add a sophisticated natural touch to the weddings. However, it solely depends upon the customer needs and wants at the end of the day.  Following are a few Bridal Jewellery ideas that might help you make a decision:
·       The foremost thing that must be given a thought is your dressing style. Decide what kind of a dress you desire to wear. The dresses usually range from modern contemporary to Victorian Classics. Several people also admire following a specific theme, for instance a beach influenced dress. While for few, a sleek and simple dress just does the job! Therefore, it is important that the jewellery selection is done in accordance to the fabric consumed and the style introduced.
·       Secondly, it is important that you carry your style. Remember, it is your day and you have the right to express yourself in the way you really want. Your style is your identity and nothing can make you more special than being yourself!
·       Give your taste a chance to pick, if your prefer pearls, you should definitely give it a shot! Whereas, if you desire to wear a combination of pearls and crystals, go for one. Custom made jewellery can also be ordered if you have a specific design in mind.
·       Lastly, keep in mind the hair style that would suit you and go perfect with your face-cut. Several jewellery sets compliment a specific hair style only. However, a few changes can be made in designs if you do not have a strict margin.
Precisely, take sometime to decide what you want keeping in view the jewellery options you have. It is recommended that you arrange a few sittings with the designer to discuss the Bridal Jewellery specifications. Again, wearing Pearls is a great way to embellish your big day! Not only do the pearls add a touch of elegance but also give a classy look at the very first instance. It is something that has been celebrated for a long time in being typically associated with Wedding Jewellery.
As I always said: all wedding accessories must be handmade. Then your day will be special and unique.  And the main point: YOU will be the only ONE, that has one J
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Do Your Accessories Work With The Desired Hair-Do?

Here’s how to choose Pearl Bridal Hair Combs

We completely understand how difficult it is to make decisions and finally get the job done in exactly the way it is expected on your Big Day. Pretty much of an exercise though! Well, to make the task easier, there is a whole bunch of designers, event planners, stylists and what not? Here, it is important to mention that each minor detail in the weddings holds immense significance and therefore should be carefully carried out to avoid pitfalls.

Despite the fact that everything, from the ring cushion to the sandals for the bride is available in a vast variety, the aim of the experts has remained the same. They have been striving to handle entire issues vigilantly in order to achieve customer satisfaction.  For instance, what color does the bride adore, what design does she prefer and consequently, what type of accessories would best fit into the setting? Remind yourselves that anything that might look perfect might not suit everyone; therefore chosen accessories must compliment the attire of the bride at the very first point.

 Focusing upon the hair combs specifically, it has been observed that a majority does not prefer wearing a veil throughout the special occasion, instead special hair accessories are consumed for enhancing the hair-do which hides beyond the veil otherwise. The hair combs therefore are becoming extremely popular nowadays. There are all types from crystals to pearls, flower wreaths and side feathers, etc. It is observed that the brides are obsessed with using Pearl Hair Combs due to their versatile nature and elegant finishing. However, the question about How to Choose a Proper Pearl Bridal Hair Comb still needs to be attended. Here is a quick check of how and what to choose, keeping in mind what would best suit you…

·       Even before you set out to choose hair accessories, chalk out the type of dress you desire to wear. It is not necessary that the comb you chose fits well with the dress. You might find that the veil to be a best option in few cases.
·       The color of your wedding dress is very significant, while a majority goes for white and lacy, a few might want to experiment and play with colours on their wedding day. The design and color of the hair combs, plus the style would vary accordingly.
·       Consider the style of your wedding dress, most accessories are typically designed to compliment as specific cut. Your designer can assist you in this matter; arranging a setting to discuss this very issue can be beneficial.
·       Decide what kind of a hair do you would want for the special occasion. Sometimes, a specific style goes with your face cut. Your make up artist is the person to be reached at this point. Don’t forget to get your Hair Comb designed according to your hairstyle.
·       Last but not the least, if you desire to wear the Hair Comb and still carry the traditional veil, there is a wide variety Hair accessory that go perfectly with the veil as well. For instance, some Crystal or Pearl sets are specifically designed to show from under the veil.

In a nutshell, the focus remains on preparing the Bride in the best possible way. Although hiring a planner can be useful in this context, a number of decisions must be undertaken within a specific time limit. You would never want to run out of time would you?

As I always said: all wedding accessories must be handmade. Then your day will be special and unique.  And the main point: YOU will be the only ONE, that has one J
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5 Tips On Choosing Bridal Earrings To Complement Your Gown

Accentuate the bridal gowns for your sugary moments

Undoubtedly the most important day of a women’s life is ‘The Wedding Day’. The single, yet the strongest reason for every girl to look beautiful and of course feel beautiful at the same time. Although the gown, the ring, the sandals and the flower bouquet might sound to be too traditional and are a must have for every wedding, the designers have introduced a range of accessories to compliment the Bride-to-be!

The accessories for Bridal Wear are available in various colours, styles and sizes, which give the brides a chance to find the prefect piece with their dress. While Hair combs can be selected exactly according to the dress, the earrings, the headbands and even the bracelets can be ordered beforehand. However, it is an important decision to make and must therefore be taken cautiously. Here, we’ll focus upon highlighting 5 tips on choosing Bridal earrings to complement your gown

·       Deciding the length of the earrings you desire to wear is very important. This involves a slight knowledge of your face cut in addition to what you like in general. The key tip to this is to study your jaw line; analyse where the most prominent is and the widest part. For your help: you might find it near to your chin or the ears. Now, you must choose the earrings that hang either above or below this very point. Makes sense? Well, you bet it does!  You might have seen people not caring about this fact, the reason being not knowing that it does not add flavour to their attire at all.
·       The next step towards choosing the right type of earrings is having an insight of the style available. The best part is that there is no hard and fast rule involved. Try holding up different earrings in front of the mirror and grab the one you think is the finest.
·       Next, it is important to match the color of the earrings with your Bridal gown. Not only this, the bridesmaid can also use color coordinated jewellery in order to follow the theme.
·       Lastly, not everyone has an ear pierced, or might not be bale to wear the earrings due to some other reasons. So, the earrings can be customised with hooks, clips or posts. However, the orders must be placed before time for ensuring timely delivery.
It is not always necessary that you get a pair of earrings for yourself; you might even want to get a set as a gift for a Bride-to-Be friend. This definitely is something that depends upon your choice. A slight survey of what the people like around you might help in this regard. Try to analyse more critically, and see what looks good on various face cuts. Remember, the accessories work as embellishments and enhance our appearance! There are countless walk-in stores and online outlets which offer a variety of such stuff for affordable prices now. Additionally, these cater to all classes and tastes, plus stretch through a wide range of occasions.
In my opinion all wedding accessories must be handmade. Then your day will be special and unique.  And the main point: YOU will be the only ONE, that has one J
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Exquisite crystal pearl earrings. Vintage style bridal pearl dangle earrings

Today I want to make something unique and royal. So I desided to make Royal bridal earrings with amazing crystal details and pearls! The delicate vintage design is made with sparkling rhinestones, brilliant crystals and accented with cream pearls.  Clear crystals reflect light, so you will look amazing in the photos and on the dance floor.

v Huge bridal dangle pearl earrings are approx 3 inches in size
v Countless clear rhinestones
v Royal vintage style design
v Earrings color – silver as pictured
v Pearls color - cream.
With love,


Decorate Your wedding shoes

There's more to looking great on your wedding day than your dress; the right shoes are an essential part of starting your wedding day fashion off on the right foot. Step out in style with perfect and stylish shoes. I offer to decorate your shoes. You can create your style by using stylish and handmade shoes clips. Handcrafts can make your dreams come true.

If you like one style on your wedding day, you can wear head band or hair comb the same style as your shoes clips.

Once I had custom order for shoe clips and earrings. I made it with tulle, plumes, pearls and crystals. It was exclusive and stunning choice.
Every bride looks for perfect pair of bridal shoes and I believe that you will find yours!
With Love,


Flower around your neck? Yes! Your neck is wrapped in mystery flower.

 Today in my Vintage &art boutique I had beautiful Vintage wedding photo session.  It was so romantic! So unique! So amazing! And there was a lot of Lilies. It’s inspired me for creation. I try to tell you a story in my jewelry way.
This is my creation Elegant bridal freshwater pearls necklace with unique hand crochet silver and freshwater pearls flower:

This exclusive handmade bridal (special occasion) freshwater pearls necklace is decorated with crochet silver and freshwater pearls flower. Freshwater pearls are wrapped in handmade silver net and look like your neck is wrapped in mystery flower. Wearing this necklace you will look amazing, elegant and stylish. Each crochet piece in this necklace is unique because it‘s impossible to reproduce another one that is exactly identical. So you will be the only one that has one!
It‘s original technique makes this handmade wedding jewelry unique and charming. This is a family tradition passed down from my grandmother to my mother so we adopted it for crocheted with silver plated wire.
With Love,


Unique Bridal three strand pearl bracelet with hand crochet silver flowers

If You like something unique and you want to be the only one that has one, this bridal pearl accessory is for you!
This one of a kind bridal / special occasion bracelet is handmade from Swarovski pearls. This charming three strand bracelet is decorated with hand crocheted silver & pearl flowers.  Pearls are are entertwined in silver net and looks like silver flowers with pearls.

It‘s original technique makes this handmade wedding jewelry unique and charming.This is a family tradition passed down from my grandmother to my mother  so we adopted it for crocheted with silver plated wire. Each crochet piece in this bracelet is unique because it‘s impossible to reproduce another one that is exactly identical.
This charming pearl bracelet is made from flexible scroll silver wire and white 8mm Swarovski pearls. Whole pearl bracelet It‘s approx 24 inches long.
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Gold crystal wedding hair comb

There are a numbers of things to think about when trying to choose the best bridal comb, including price, porpoise, quality and authenticity. I believe that handmade jewelry or vintage (antique) jewelry is always the best choice. Because you will be the one that has one J
A stunning bridal comb with amazing detail! The delicate vintage floral design on this comb is made with sparkling Rhinestones, brilliant crystals and accented with brushed gold leaves.  Clear crystals reflect light, so you will look amazing in the photos and on the dance floor.

This beautiful bridal comb can be worn with a variety of hairstyles.  Perfect as a side or back comb. This bridal comb coordinates with any color wedding dress, especially ivory and champagne.