Spring Colors and Freshness Like a Theme of the Wedding

I still cannot calm down after the inspiration that got into me after realizing that Spring is so close that I can easily feel it! it seams I am eager for all that freshness, happiness true closeness and of course to see all the happy people showing or quietly whispering magic words ”I love you”… or “I do”… It is like magic in the air mixed together with all the colors of spring! I am sure there are so many brides planing their wedding in a spring time. And i really cannot blame them: spring is about freshness, brought out feelings and pure joy and love…
Have you ever considered of using all that fresh and pure emotions you can find everywhere around for the wedding? Lightness and softness bring a feeling of a light breeze gently playing with a hair… like all pure and light feelings, when the realizing that finally is Your Wedding Day here, together will all the joy of spring… Light green, light blue, light yellow – all that used for the theme of the Wedding refers to soft spring colors as well as light joy of the moment. Pastel spring might seem as one of the simplest decisions in picking the theme. However, we should never forget that pure beauty is brought by simplicity….:) true joy will make this day softly sparking and breath taking, that everyone would be afraid to breath just not to wake up to early, like in a amazing dream or a fairy-tale.:)

It seams like small pieces and details – it is all You need to create your own fairy-tale..:)

You always can find these small pieces of Art you need to create your perfect moments in here:


Enjoy your moments while spring is just about to come…:)



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