5 Tips on Choosing Bridal Jewelry

It is always important to make good choices in putting all together: starting with venue, later on – shoes or flowers bouquet. Let’s talk about choosing the jewelry for your wedding this time.

1. Choose your dress first
Sounds obvious…however, necessary as well at the same moment. It is not difficult to find brides who have fallen for some hair comb or necklace at a wedding fair and then when they come for dress fittings, find the piece doesn’t go with their outfit at all.

2. Willing to have something modern and on wave – Vintage is back!
We are seeing a huge trend towards softer, more vintage or bohemian pieces. Flowers, feathers and fascinators are all coming firmly back into favor and, despite what most girls think, there are plenty of fascinators which can be worn with a veil.

3. Try movies shopping!
It sounds odd though it is fun at the same moment. It is noticed already that most of the inspiration
ladies get at movies. Find your star match. Are you a Monroe or a Russell? A Clara Bow or a Tallulah Bankhead? Which Hepburn are you- Audrey or Katherine? We can guarantee these beauties will be wearing accessories to inspire your look.

4. Think of connecting to the color.
Color accents are a big theme at the moment. Black can make for a simple and bold move, creating a late 50s Audrey Hepburn era feel to events. Muted and pastel tones can create warmth and romance-think lace and softs pinks or greens for a bohemian beauty. Brights will add modernity to your look, perfect teamed with a simple and classic dress.

5. Have fun. It is your day to shine!
You might be surprised as such a simple advise can really work and help in choosing your jewelry. Being happy and feeling good emotions only – that is all you need to realize that you have picked up your pieces of full wedding image.

I hope you will remember: it is all about you being happy!

P.S., you can check some of jewelry possibilities here:


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  1. Brilliant share! Glad to find this post here. Actually I am tying wedding knot soon at open garden themed wedding venues and was confused a bit regarding jewellery. Your tips will be quite useful for me to pick up most suitable jewellery.