"Something Blue" - few ideas to make it easier

Something old, something new,
    Something borrowed, something blue,
   And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

“Something blue” – small nice and beautiful piece of bride bouquet. It is believed that this small piece is included in a list of “must have” during the wedding. The color blue is a truly symbolic color and has been connected to weddings for centuries. Brides wore blue in ancient Rome to symbolize love, modesty and fidelity. Blue was a very popular color for wedding attire before the late 19th century. Nowadays – it should bring all well to the bride and her new just made family.

However, it is not necessary bride who must take care of this part. It is more referred to bridesmaids as their duty. It might seem like a difficult decision to make: blue should not disorder all the atmosphere, theme and surroundings of the Big Day.
So, I would offer to follow the rule “Beauty is Beyond the Simplicity” and to offer some of jewelry. Do not forget it makes already to ‘check’ marks in the list of “must have” – jewelry and of course the “something blue”.

1. Think of Necklace. Also, do not forget the design of the dress. Jewelry should fulfill all the picture:

2. It might be even bracelet. Just this time think of other elements bride is going to wear:

3. The earrings. Small piece of jewelry might change all image and to become and accent.

4. The brooch – it is original, unique and romantically attractive at the same moment. Do not cross out from a list straight away.

5. Hair comb: a good decision letting to solve hair question and having something blue romantic element.

Apart all these – there are plenty other decisions and ideas: headbands, fascinator or veil, or even all sets off jewelry! Sparkles and beautifully handmade jewelry could make the Big Day even more shining. :) Think about that!

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