Summer starts with new winds in collections

Together with a light beginning of summer Only Handmade Jewelry can present a soft breeze and pure joy together brought in new collections.

Softness and lightness: with almost no effort looking purely amazing:

Soft touch of shining stones just to make it unique and special by highlighting the beauty...Sometimes it doesn't need to be pointed at: it is enough just to make a hint:

And all could be brought together: pure joy, true beauty, simplicity and magic of vintage.

You can find more ideas at:

Enjoy your beginning of summer,

With Love,


Vintage Style Wedding Vibe

Have you ever considered choosing vintage theme as your wedding style and emotion?
No no, I am not overreaching to distinguish it from other ways of expressing love and true motion. Just sometimes it seams like going vintage - is like going back to times when everything was about romance, elegance and true inspiration and effort of showing the best moments and enjoying each and every moment. 
Just think about it: best movies ever created about true love brings back the past. You do not have to go back too much. Think about "Titanic". That all true passion and love could be covered under one soft and gentle word "vintage"...:)

Keep enjoying your Spring!



5 Tips on Choosing Bridal Jewelry

It is always important to make good choices in putting all together: starting with venue, later on – shoes or flowers bouquet. Let’s talk about choosing the jewelry for your wedding this time.

1. Choose your dress first
Sounds obvious…however, necessary as well at the same moment. It is not difficult to find brides who have fallen for some hair comb or necklace at a wedding fair and then when they come for dress fittings, find the piece doesn’t go with their outfit at all.

2. Willing to have something modern and on wave – Vintage is back!
We are seeing a huge trend towards softer, more vintage or bohemian pieces. Flowers, feathers and fascinators are all coming firmly back into favor and, despite what most girls think, there are plenty of fascinators which can be worn with a veil.

3. Try movies shopping!
It sounds odd though it is fun at the same moment. It is noticed already that most of the inspiration
ladies get at movies. Find your star match. Are you a Monroe or a Russell? A Clara Bow or a Tallulah Bankhead? Which Hepburn are you- Audrey or Katherine? We can guarantee these beauties will be wearing accessories to inspire your look.

4. Think of connecting to the color.
Color accents are a big theme at the moment. Black can make for a simple and bold move, creating a late 50s Audrey Hepburn era feel to events. Muted and pastel tones can create warmth and romance-think lace and softs pinks or greens for a bohemian beauty. Brights will add modernity to your look, perfect teamed with a simple and classic dress.

5. Have fun. It is your day to shine!
You might be surprised as such a simple advise can really work and help in choosing your jewelry. Being happy and feeling good emotions only – that is all you need to realize that you have picked up your pieces of full wedding image.

I hope you will remember: it is all about you being happy!

P.S., you can check some of jewelry possibilities here:



One style for bride and bridesmaids – Feather fascinators from modern designs to romantic flowers - to get you inspired!

Every girl sees her wedding day as a perfect and unique moment in her life. The most important item is the dress. When you have the dress of your dreams you need to pick out the right accessories, like veil, shoes, jewelry or gloves.

Wedding accessories - this is that gives the whole wedding a certain tone. Accessories add elegance whether you are choosing a classic style, a more romantic, bohemian one, or a glamorous and sophisticated one. But we must not forget bridesmaids. They always play huge role at the weddings. You can find thousands of beautiful dresses, different styles and colors. But also you can choose one style handmade accessories for you and for them as well. An exquisite combination of natural feathers and crystals, rhinestones, beads. I believe they will be more than happy to get an accent of your wedding.

You can choose either:
Same color, different styles – here you can play with sizes, crystal colors, pearls and etc.

Different colors, same style – put similar color as your wedding decorations (flowers, cake…) or similar colors to bridesmaid’s dresses.

It will be a beautiful addition to your classic or modern wedding! Bridal / bridesmaids hair accessory is made from thousands of snow white, red, or blue plumes and crystal pieces. You can wear it as brooch, fascinator, or we can make like flowers bouquets. I do customs orders, let’s discus :)

I hope you enjoyed and soon you will find your dream wedding accessories.

With love,



"Something Blue" - few ideas to make it easier

Something old, something new,
    Something borrowed, something blue,
   And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

“Something blue” – small nice and beautiful piece of bride bouquet. It is believed that this small piece is included in a list of “must have” during the wedding. The color blue is a truly symbolic color and has been connected to weddings for centuries. Brides wore blue in ancient Rome to symbolize love, modesty and fidelity. Blue was a very popular color for wedding attire before the late 19th century. Nowadays – it should bring all well to the bride and her new just made family.

However, it is not necessary bride who must take care of this part. It is more referred to bridesmaids as their duty. It might seem like a difficult decision to make: blue should not disorder all the atmosphere, theme and surroundings of the Big Day.
So, I would offer to follow the rule “Beauty is Beyond the Simplicity” and to offer some of jewelry. Do not forget it makes already to ‘check’ marks in the list of “must have” – jewelry and of course the “something blue”.

1. Think of Necklace. Also, do not forget the design of the dress. Jewelry should fulfill all the picture:

2. It might be even bracelet. Just this time think of other elements bride is going to wear:

3. The earrings. Small piece of jewelry might change all image and to become and accent.

4. The brooch – it is original, unique and romantically attractive at the same moment. Do not cross out from a list straight away.

5. Hair comb: a good decision letting to solve hair question and having something blue romantic element.

Apart all these – there are plenty other decisions and ideas: headbands, fascinator or veil, or even all sets off jewelry! Sparkles and beautifully handmade jewelry could make the Big Day even more shining. :) Think about that!

More of these precious romantic jewelry pieces you can find at:



Wedding is getting closer? Few tips of getting started

It is always pleasant and romantic to see couples getting together and moving further to the level of “being engaged” that leads to a new family. It is so touching to see all the different and romantic engagements on “YouTube” and other social networks. And especially it is really pleasant when this day reaches you and everybody around sais ‘so romantic’ exactly about your special day.

However, when all the butterflies in a stomach calm down and head stops spinning, there is another huge period waiting for you – preparation and planning your own wedding day.

So, the hardest part of all fun – the beginning.
  • Just…calm down! And always remember, that this day is about your and your happiness!
  • Make a list of your dream wedding: everything you always wanted and thought of. Everything you imagined on your special day: starting with a place and ending with earrings, theme, colors, songs…. It will help you to make a picture of your day and to bring some clarity.
  • It might be your future husband had some plans too. Well, all you need to do – just to discuss about that and make a list of his plans and wishes.
  • You would need to make some sad stuff: like crossing out some of wishes….it might be too much. Usually, it is easier after putting some price tags... :)
  • And now once again…..calm down! Always remember – this day is your day. No one else can decide for you or ruin it. It is all about you.
  • Sometimes it is easier to decide by starting with a dress. After finding it and looking at yourself in a mirror… whispering quietly “this is the one…” the rest of the picture will pop-up. Remember, all you need to do – is just be happy.
  • Do not do anything under stress. Make one big job (like choosing the place for your perfect wedding) and then a pleasant one: think of theme, jewellery or shoes. :) There are never too much of these ladies friends! And after getting back into “being happy” mood you can make a big job again.
  • Do not forget you are alone: there are always girlfriends helping you to breath, think of colours and helping with decisions when you feel lost.
  • Do not hide inside of your own romance bubble. There are two people getting married. We are not saying to discuss each and every point with your Man. However, at least you should inform him of the process going on. It is his day, too :) .
  • Do not do anything you feel uncomfortable with. By saying not to close in your own bubble, we are not saying to accept each and every offer and suggestions. Remember: you are the one who is getting married there!
Basically, all we wanted to say – just…..calm down :) . Stress is not going to help you. Especially, stress is not going to make your day happy.

It is all about you. And your moment!