Unique Bridal three strand pearl bracelet with hand crochet silver flowers

If You like something unique and you want to be the only one that has one, this bridal pearl accessory is for you!
This one of a kind bridal / special occasion bracelet is handmade from Swarovski pearls. This charming three strand bracelet is decorated with hand crocheted silver & pearl flowers.  Pearls are are entertwined in silver net and looks like silver flowers with pearls.

It‘s original technique makes this handmade wedding jewelry unique and charming.This is a family tradition passed down from my grandmother to my mother  so we adopted it for crocheted with silver plated wire. Each crochet piece in this bracelet is unique because it‘s impossible to reproduce another one that is exactly identical.
This charming pearl bracelet is made from flexible scroll silver wire and white 8mm Swarovski pearls. Whole pearl bracelet It‘s approx 24 inches long.
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