Flower around your neck? Yes! Your neck is wrapped in mystery flower.

 Today in my Vintage &art boutique I had beautiful Vintage wedding photo session.  It was so romantic! So unique! So amazing! And there was a lot of Lilies. It’s inspired me for creation. I try to tell you a story in my jewelry way.
This is my creation Elegant bridal freshwater pearls necklace with unique hand crochet silver and freshwater pearls flower:

This exclusive handmade bridal (special occasion) freshwater pearls necklace is decorated with crochet silver and freshwater pearls flower. Freshwater pearls are wrapped in handmade silver net and look like your neck is wrapped in mystery flower. Wearing this necklace you will look amazing, elegant and stylish. Each crochet piece in this necklace is unique because it‘s impossible to reproduce another one that is exactly identical. So you will be the only one that has one!
It‘s original technique makes this handmade wedding jewelry unique and charming. This is a family tradition passed down from my grandmother to my mother so we adopted it for crocheted with silver plated wire.
With Love,

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