Swarovski Crystal Wedding Bouquets

Many brides love the bling and the extra sparkle that Swarovski crystals add to their jewelry and their lovely gowns.  There is one thing growing in popularity that many brides are discovering and that Swarovski Crystal Wedding Bouquets.  These wonderful crystals add just that extra sparkle and shimmer to the wedding bouquet that makes it uniquely designed for that special bride.

Because the bride’s bouquet is a special reflection of the bride’s style, adding these Swarovski crystals provides a unique feminine touch to the bouquets and provides a look that is growing in popularity.  Since there are such a wide variety of colors in the selections of Swarovski crystals, the brides have a great choice in the colors to use to enhance their bridal bouquet, and those of the attendants. 

The bouquets that have the additional touches of Swarovski crystals added, along with some of the pearls that add a little bit of romance to the bouquets are going to be the ones that people will remember for many years.  That little extra sparkle in the bouquet will be a lovely surprise to the attendants and they will be ones that even the guests at the wedding will notice.  Because there are so many different shapes of crystals that can be put together in so many different designs that best utilize the cubes, ovals, diamond, or emerald shape crystals, the bouquets are entirely unique and beautiful.

In addition, there are different sizes of Swarovski crystals that can be used in the bouquet from the smaller 6mm to the larger 10mm and 12mm sizes to really make the arrangement standout and sparkle.  The great thing about adding Swarovski crystals and pearls to the bouquets is that they can be used with any shaped bouquet regardless of whether they are the smaller nosegay types, arm sheaf bouquets, crescent bouquets, cascading bouquets, or cone bouquets. 

These Swarovski crystals and pearls are also beautiful when used to decorate the flower girls basket and the corsages for the mothers and grandmothers.  Just adding that extra little bling for mom and grandmas will be greatly appreciated, and that attention to detail will certainly be noticed and appreciated for a very long time.  (Of course the men may not want that kind of bling in their boutonnieres, so don’t get too carried away with the bling!)

Just think about the different wedding bouquets that brides have used over the years, and how very few of them really stood out or were memorable.  Adding just that dash of sparkle by using the Swarovski crystals in the bride’s bouquets, the attendant’s flowers, and the basket for the flower girl is one thing that will ensure everyone will remember just how striking the flowers were at that wedding when compared to others.

Making the wedding memorable is one goal of every bride, and having that extra sparkle in the wedding bouquets will certainly make the difference.  So think about having the Swarovski Crystal Wedding Bouquets to be one of the highlights of the flower that the ladies carry and the moms and grandmas wear.

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