How to Choose Swarovski Earrings

 Brides are particularly choosy about the jewelry fashion that they are wearing on their big day.  The styles they choose should not only enhance the beauty of the bride, but should also reflect her unique style and personality.  In addition to getting some great bracelets, and necklaces, the bride has to think about the earrings that will adorn her ears.  There are some great tips on choosing Swarovski earrings for that big day as well.  Most brides pay attention to the details, and this is one detail that should not be overlooked.

1.      When brides are looking for Swarovski crystal earrings, they must ensure that the designs of the earrings are an enhancement to the design of their bridal gown.  The earrings should beautifully complement the gown and the style.  The jewelry should be in balance with the gown, not overpower the gown or be so small and unremarkable as to appear that there is no jewelry.  Beautiful Swarovski earrings are a great asset to the overall look of the bride’s ensemble.
2.     If there are Swarovski crystals in the bridal gown, then pay particular attention to the color of the crystals, and the design of the crystals.  Sometimes they shine in different hues of pinks or blues or purples and the earrings should have the same family of shine that the crystals in the bridal gown displays.  The earrings can be distracting if the color conflicts with the color of the crystals in the gown.
3.     Take a look at the gown.  If the gown is strapless, then a more extravagant necklace and earrings are a great enhancement.  However, if the gown has an abundant supply of crystals throughout the gown and a higher neckline, then a more delicate and lighter necklace and earrings will probably look better to provide the balance.
4.     Look at the shape of the bride’s face in order to determine what looks best.  For the lovely bride with a round face, elongated styles of earrings are preferable to the shorter round styles.  For the beautiful bride with the longer face, the rounder the earrings, the better they look.  The gorgeous brides with an oval face can wear just about any style of crystal earrings because both long and round complement an oval face.  If the lovely bride has a more triangular shaped face, a drop chandelier style of earrings provides a much more elegant look.
5.     Also consider the hairstyle that will be worn at the wedding when looking at the beautiful Swarovski crystal earrings.  If the hair is up or short, it’s best to not have earrings that fall beneath the jaw.  Conversely, for the brides with longer hair, longer and more flamboyant earrings are a great touch to the ears.
6.     Be sure to know the limits on the budget when looking for bridal jewelry.  Swarovski crystals are less expensive than precious gemstones, but they can still get a bit pricey – be sure to plan the earrings in the budget.

There are some beautiful Swarovski crystal earrings for the bride and some great tips on choosing Swarovski earrings to ensure everything is flattering and balanced.

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