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Hair straightening has been around a long time. Few people realize the impact human hair has on their place in society. From your hair people can tell your age, race, physical condition and in the past, your class and social standing. So many beautiful pieces have been designed as jewelry for the hair. Many can now be seen in museums. Combs are a universal item and can be found in all parts of the world, each developed their own particular style and use of materials. The earliest combs were made of bone, ivory, and wood. Silver, brass, and tin were also used. As time went on tortoise shell and horn became increasingly more common materials used to make combs. High level women wear hair combs decorated with brilliants, sapphire, ruby, pearls and etc. Lots of them you can see in museums, vintage photo albums, cinemas. During the 1930s and 1940s, when sophisticated updos were the fashion, the decorative hair comb emerged as the accessory of choice.Popularity of hair accessories was huge all the time.
Now, first Bridal accent is hair comb. Exquisite hair combs will adorn Bridal hair with sparkling charm. I believe that all wedding accessories must be handmade. Then your day will be special and unique.  Crystal and pearl head band or hair comb will make you unique! Every bride should look and feel like a princess on that special day, and I hope in my store you will find something romantic and elegant to make your dreams come true.

If you want something by vintage touch and decorated with crystals or pearls:

You want something exclusive and unique? Bridal hair combs decorated with crochet silver and pearls. Pearls are wrapped in handmade silver net and look like your neck is wrapped in mystery flower. It‘s original technique makes this handmade wedding jewelry unique and charming. This is a family tradition passed down from my grandmother to my mother  so we adopted it for crocheted with silver plated wire. Each crochet piece in this necklace is unique because it‘s impossible to reproduce another one that is exactly identical. So you will be the only one that has one:

 More You can find in etsy:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/OnlyHandmadeJewelry 
I believe that etsy is the best place where you can meet people which just have the same passion and where you can find something unique, exclusive ant vintage. I will be glad to contact!
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